This PET ADDENDUM/AGREEMENT is attached to and made part of the LEASE AGREEMENT dated
_____________________ between _________________________________________, (Landlord), and
_______________________________________________________, (Tenant(s)), for the property located at
___________________________________________________________________________. This PET
ADDENDUM becomes effective on _________________ (date).
Type ________________________________________ Breed _____________________________________
Name _____________________________Weight ____________________Color _______________________
Tenant(s) desire to keep the above described pet on the Property and the above referenced LEASE
AGREEMENT specifically prohibits allowing animals on the Property. The LEASE AGREEMENT is hereby
amended by this PET ADDENDUM to grant such authorization to the Tenant(s). In exchange for
authorization to keep the pet on the premises, the Tenant(s) agree to following terms and conditions.
1. (_____) (_____) Upon execution of this PET ADDENDUM, Tenant(s) will pay the Landlord an additional
PET SECURITY DEPOSIT of $____________. The Pet Deposit is an increase in the Security Deposit in
the Lease Agreement and is made part of the Security Deposit for all purposes. Any refund of the Security
Deposit, including this increase, is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the Lease Agreement.
2. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) agree to prevent the pet from damaging any part of the Property. This
authorization to keep the pet on premises is conditional in that the pet is understood to be house broken.
3. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) is responsible and liable for:
a) any damage to the Property or any item in the Property caused by any pet;
b) any personal injuries to any person caused by any pet; and
c) any damage to any person’s property caused by any pet.
4. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) will pay all reasonable costs that are necessary to clean, deodorize, deflea, or
repair any part of the Property, including but not limited to the carpets, doors, walls, windows, screens,
appliances, yard, fences, or landscaping.
a) Tenant(s) agree to immediately pay for any injury, damage, loss, or expense caused by the pet (in
this regard, it is expressly understood that at no time shall the Tenant(s) apply any part of the Pet
Deposit towards such amounts due, but rather, the Tenant(s) shall make restitution immediately
and separately from the Pet Deposit.
b) Tenant agrees to control flea infestation and will exterminate if necessary, and upon demand, in
any and all areas affected with full cost to be paid by Tenant(s).
5. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) agree to keep the pet from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and
to immediately remedy any complaints concerning the pet.
a) Tenant(s) agree to prevent the pet from barking, yipping, or making any other noise disturbance.
b) Tenant(s) agree to keep the pet under control at all times.
6. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) agree not to leave the pet unattended for any unreasonable periods of time. In
addition to, Tenant(s) agree to take pet to work with them each day.
7. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) agree to hold the Owner/Landlord harmless from all liability arising from the
Tenant's ownership or keeping of the pet, including but not limited to any liability resulting from the
Owner/Landlord turning said pet over to local pet policing authorities should the pet be found, neglected,
or unsupervised for extended periods.
8. (_____) (_____) Tenant(s) agree to promptly and thoroughly remove any pet waste, urine, feces, or other
from the Property, including all living areas, garages, yards, porches, patios, and decks.
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