(Names of all Tenants)
(Street address and apartment number)
(City, State, Zip)
Re: Notice of lease violation
Lease dated
between Tenant(s) named above and
Dear Tenant(s):
The following Lease Violation(s) have been discovered and have been recorded in your tenant file:
Loud Music Littered Patio/Entry Working on Vehicle
Disturbance Destruction of Property Illegal Activities/Police Action
Excessive Noise Unauthorized Occupant Illegal Parking
Excessive Speed Unauthorized Pets Parked in a Fire Zone
Foil on Windows Inoperable Parked Vehicle Unauthorized modification of dwelling
Please do the following (check one or more):
o Take the action necessary to correct the above named problem within days from the date
hereof. Failure to make the necessary corrections on a timely basis will require additional action as
outlined in the Lease Agreement.
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