(Attachment 4)
It is a pleasure to welcome you as a Tenant. We believe that a good Landlord-Tenant relationship is an
important part of a positive rental experience. Positive Landlord-Tenant relationships are created, in part by,
clear communication.
These Rules and Regulations are in addition to, and made part of, the Lease Agreement. These are areas of
special concern and/or subjects that have been an issue in the past for prior Tenants. All Tenants over the age
of 18 please READ and INITIAL each section. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any subjects
below, now (before Lease signing) is the time to present them.
To protect your comfort, safety, and enjoyment, and that of your neighbors, Landlord has adopted the
following rules and regulations concerning your conduct while a Tenant of the Premises. Failure to comply
with the rules will constitute a material breach of the Lease Agreement and may constitute a just cause for
eviction. Upon giving 30 days written notice, Landlord reserves the right to amend any portion of these Rules
and Regulations.
PETS (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ No animal, dog, cat, bird or other pet shall be kept on the premises without Landlord's prior written
GARAGE (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Garages are primarily to be used for means of parking cars and storage. Garages are not to be used as
additional living or social gathering spaces.
BELONGINGS (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Keep all personal belongings either in the unit, on the balcony’s, or in the garage at all times. Please do
not allow personal belongings to spill out into the common areas.
PROPERTY APPEARANCE (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Alterations that will affect the properties appearance, such as window coverings, shall not be permitted
without Landlord’s prior written approval.
§ No signs, advertisements, posters or similar displays, except burglary prevention notices, may be
affixed to the exterior of any door or window, or to any exterior wall without Landlord’s prior written
§ Garbage cans, brooms, mops, cardboard boxes and similar articles are to be kept inside the Tenant’s
§ Towels, rugs, clothing and other articles are not to be hung from windows, railings or balconies.
§ Tenants are responsible for the general cleanliness and sanitation of the Property.
§ In order to preserve the appearance and cleanliness of the Property, Tenants shall take care to prevent
waste from dropping or spilling on carpeting, concrete, walkways, and or other common areas.
RESIDENTIAL DWELLINGS (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ The Property you are residing in is a residential dwelling. Running a business out of the Premises or
garage is strictly prohibited. Doing so voids Owner’s insurance policy and is in strict violation of the
Lease Agreement.
§ Childcare/Daycare services are NOT permitted on the Property or in the Premises under any
circumstances. The exception to this rule are the parents and their children, grandparents and their
grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and any other family dynamic involving the raising or watching of
their related children.
REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Without the prior written consent of Landlord, Tenants shall not make any repairs, alterations,
structural, or cosmetic changes to the premises. This includes, painting, use of large nails in the wall or
structure, or in anyway altering the cosmetic appearance of the inside or outside of the unit. Tenants
shall not, without Landlord's prior written consent, alter, re-key or install any locks to the premises.
PEACE & QUIET (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Tenants shall be entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premises. Tenant shall not make or permit any
noise, or engage in or permit any other conduct, which disturbs or offends other residents or neighbors.
§ Special consideration must be exercised before 8:00AM and after 10:00PM. Tenant is responsible for
ensuring that disturbing noises are not caused by Tenant’s family, guests or invitees before and after
such times.
§ All musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, etc, are to be played at a volume which will not
disturb other Tenants.
§ Social gatherings of Tenants and their guests are welcomed provided that such gatherings do not
become loud, boisterous, or generally objectionable, as judged in Owner’s sole discretion, so as not to
interfere with the right of quiet enjoyment of other residents and neighbors. Parties are subject to the
aforementioned time considerations.
CONDUCT (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Tenants and their guests or invitees shall not use the premises or adjacent areas in such a way as to: (1)
violate any law or ordinance, including laws prohibiting the use, possession or sale of illegal drugs; (2)
commit waste or nuisance; or (3) annoy, disturb, inconvenience or interfere with the quiet enjoyment
and peace and quiet of any other tenant or nearby resident.
§ Consumption of alcoholic beverages, by Tenants or their guests, is prohibited in the common areas of
the Premises.
§ Residents are expected to cooperate with each other in resolution of any potential disputes, and are
encouraged to use the services of a local dispute resolution service if they are having difficult at
dispute resolution on their own. Tenant recognizes and agrees that Owner is not in a position to be an
arbiter of disputes between Tenant and other residents or neighbors of Tenant, and that it is unfair and
impractical to demand that Owner take sides between them or use Owner's authority against one
resident for the benefit of another. Therefore, Tenant agrees that under no circumstance will Owner be
required to take any sort of action whatsoever as between Tenant and other resident to resolve disputes,
nor shall Owner be required to evict, or threaten to evict, any resident because of a dispute with or
demand by Tenant, and Owner's failure to do so shall not give rise to a claim against Owner for breach
of Tenant's quiet enjoyment or any other cause.
§ Smoking is not permitted at any time inside the Premises. Refer to Lease for Property specific smoking
§ Crimes and/or criminal acts of any kind are strictly prohibited, and grounds for immediate eviction
PARKING AND VEHICLES (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Tenants shall park in their assigned place ONLY and shall not permit visitors to use parking facilities.
§ Only vehicles may be parked in parking areas.
§ Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, bicycles, etc, shall not be stored in/on patios, fire escapes, hallways,
common areas or other non-parking areas.
§ No vehicle or bicycle shall obstruct a drive or in any way interfere with others' access thereto, nor shall
they be parked on lawns, shrubberies, patios, walkways, or lawn extensions. Bicycles may not be
brought into the premises without prior consent of Landlord.
§ Vehicles shall not be repaired, lubricated, or washed on driveways or in parking areas of the Premises.
LOCKOUTS (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Tenants should take care not to lock themselves out of their apartments. If Landlord is required to
assist any Tenant in gaining entry to Tenant’s unit, between the hours of 9:00AM - 5:00PM there is a
$50 charge for each occurrence. Between the hours of 5:00PM - 9:00AM, there is a $100 charge for
each occurrence. You may also call a locksmith at YOUR expense.
INSURANCE (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)
§ Tenants are encouraged to carry sufficient insurance on their personal property and to protect their
personal property from losses due to fire, flood, theft, personal injury or injury to others, or other
casualty. Owner/Agent will not be responsible for replacement of any Tenant’s personal items due to,
but not limited to, aforementioned reasons.