Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!


1. IDENTIFICATION OF LANDLORD AND TENANT(S): This Residential Lease Agreement
(hereinafter “Lease Agreement” or “Lease” to be used interchangeably) is entered into on _____________,
as the authorized agent for the Owner of the Premises (hereinafter “Landlord”) and __________________
____________________________________________________________ (hereinafter collectively known
as “Tenant(s)”). Each Tenant is jointly and severally liable for the payment of rent and performance of all
other terms of this Lease Agreement. Together Tenant(s) and Landlord are referred to herein as the
A. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Lease Agreement, Landlord rents to Tenant(s), and
Tenant(s) rent from Landlord, for residential purposes only, the premises located at _______________
_______________________________________________________ ("hereinafter Premises"), which is
located within the Apartment Community, commonly known as _______________________________
___________________________ (hereinafter the “Apartment Community or Property”). The premises
shall be occupied by the undersigned Tenant(s):
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________, and the following
minor children:
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________
Name (Print) _______________________________ Date of Birth _____________.
B. No other persons have permission to occupy the Premises unless such permission is in writing and
signed by Landlord or its authorized agent. Landlord’s acceptance of rent from any other individual
shall be deemed to be the payment of rent on behalf of the Tenant(s) named above and shall not
constitute permission for the person making the payment to occupy the Premises. Should any person
not named above make any claim to right of possession of the Premises, any such person shall be
deemed to be the guest or invitee of the named Tenant(s) and their claim to right of possession shall be
denied. Any person who is not named above as a Tenant and/or who is not a signatory to this Lease
shall be deemed to be invitees of the named Tenant(s), who are signatories to this Lease. Accordingly,
if any such individual is not named in any unlawful detainer action to regain possession of the
Premises, and if any such individual thereafter makes a claim to right of possession of the Premises,
that claim shall be denied on the basis that said individual is the invitee of the named Tenant(s) and
does not have an independent claim to right of possession of the Premises.
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
C. In the event of an unlawful detainer action to regain possession of the Premises, or any other
legal/court document given to the above named Tenant(s), the names listed above in paragraph 2-A,
are the names that will be used to refer to such individuals. The signing of this Lease Agreement
constitutes full consent of Tenant(s) to legally refer to such individuals as the above signed names,
even if after commencement of this Lease Agreement, one or more names change as a result of a
marriage or legal name change, or at the time of signing, the signee simply used his/her maiden name
instead of their married name, or visa-versa. Tenant(s) hereby renounces all legal authority by
themselves or their legal appointees, to dismiss, or claim to be void, either in person, or in court, any
legal document in their possession, on the basis of being referred to by any other name(s) than the
one(s) listed above in paragraph 2-A.
D. Tenant(s) understands that in no event shall more than two persons per bedroom plus one additional
person occupy the Premises. If the household composition changes such that the number of occupants
exceeds this occupancy standard, Tenant(s) agrees that such over-utilization shall be grounds for
Landlord to terminate this Lease Agreement, solely at Landlord’s option.
3. DEFINING THE TERM OF THE TENANCY: The term of the Lease Agreement shall begin on
_________________ (Commencement Date).
o Month-to-Month Lease Agreement: and continues as a month-to-month tenancy. Tenant may
terminate the tenancy by giving written notice at least 30 days prior to the intended termination date.
Landlord may terminate the tenancy by giving written notice as provided by law.
o Fixed Term Lease Agreement: and shall terminate on (Date) ________________ at 11:59 P.M.
Tenant shall vacate the Premises upon termination of the Lease Agreement, unless: (1) Landlord and
Tenant have extended this Lease Agreement in writing or signed a new Lease Agreement; (2)
mandated by local rent control law; or (3) Landlord accepts Rent from Tenant after the expiration of
the fixed term lease (other than past due Rent), in which case a month-to-month tenancy shall be
created which either party may terminate as specified in the above month-to-month statute. Rent shall
be at a rate agreed to by Landlord and Tenant, or as allowed by law. All other terms and conditions of
this Lease Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
A. Should Tenants vacate before expiration of the term, Tenant(s) shall be liable for the balance of the
rent for the remainder of the term, less any rent Landlord collects or could have collected from a
replacement tenant by reasonably attempting to re-rent. Tenants who vacate before expiration of the
term are also responsible for Landlord's costs of advertising for a replacement tenant.
B. Holding Over. Any holding over by Tenant(s) at the expiration of the Lease term with the consent of
Landlord shall create a tenancy from month to month on the same terms and conditions set forth in this
Lease, subject to amendment by Landlord as set forth in Civil Code Section 827 and terminable by
either party on thirty days written notice in accordance with the provisions of California Civil Code
Section 1946, unless a longer notice period is required by applicable law.
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
4. DELAY OF POSSESSION: If, after signing this Lease Agreement, Tenant(s) fail to take possession of
the premises, they shall still be responsible for paying rent and complying with all other terms of this
Lease Agreement. In the event Landlord is unable to deliver possession of the premises to Tenant(s) for
any reason not within Landlord's control, including, but not limited to, failure of prior occupants to vacate
or partial or complete destruction of the premises, Tenant(s) shall have the right to terminate this Lease
Agreement. In such event, Landlord's liability to Tenant(s) shall be limited to the return of all sums
previously paid by Tenant(s) to Landlord.
5. AMOUNT AND SCHEDULE FOR THE PAYMENT OF RENT: Tenants shall pay to Landlord a
monthly rent of $_____________, payable in advance on the 1
day of each month.
B. The name, telephone number and address of the person or entity to whom rent payments shall be made
C. Tenant(s) acknowledges receipt of SECURITY DEPOSIT AND MONTHLY RENT PAYMENT
INSTRUCTIONS addendum marketed Attachment 1. Tenant signature of this Lease Agreement
constitutes amenable consent of the Security Deposit and Monthly Rent payment methods.
A. On signing this Lease Agreement, Tenant(s) shall pay to Landlord the sum of $______________ as a
Security Deposit. Security Deposit will be held in Landlord trust account.
B. Tenants may not apply this Security Deposit to the last month's rent or to any other sum due
under this Lease Agreement. Within 21 days after Tenants have vacated the premises; Landlord shall
furnish Tenants with an itemized written statement of the reasons for, and the dollar amount of, any of
the security deposit retained by the landlord, along with a check for any deposit balance. Under Section
1950.5 of the California Civil Code, Landlord may withhold only that portion of Tenant(s)’s Security
Deposit necessary to: (1) remedy any default by Tenant(s) in the payment of rent; (2) repair damages
to the premises exclusive of ordinary wear and tear; and (3) clean the premises if necessary. Per
California law, Landlord is not obligated to pay Tenant(s) interest on the security deposit.
C. Security deposit will not be returned until all Tenants have vacated the Premises and all keys returned.
D. No interest will be paid on Security Deposit as not required by California law.
E. If the security deposit is held by Owner, Tenant agrees not to hold Broker responsible for its return. If
the Security Deposit is held in Owner’s Broker’s (herein referred to as “Landlord”) trust account, and
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
Broker’s authority is terminated before expiration of this Lease Agreement, and Security Deposit is
released back to Owner, then Broker shall notify Tenant, in writing, where and to whom security
deposit has been released. Once Tenant has been provided such notice, Tenant agrees not to hold
Broker responsible for the Security Deposit return, or subsequent deductions legality, if any.
F. It is understood that the Security Deposit is applicable to all Tenants jointly, and Landlord does not
account for it until the passing of the permissible statutory period after all Tenants have vacated the
Premises. Any refund due may be made payable jointly to all Tenants, and it shall be the responsibility
of all Tenants to work out between themselves the manner of dividing said Security Deposit. If
Landlord chooses to make the refund to any one of the Tenants individually (which need not be done
until the statutory time has elapsed after all Tenants have vacated the Premises), in legal contemplation
the payment shall be deemed to have been made to all Tenants, and Landlord shall have no liability to
any one or group of Tenants for failure of any Tenant to divide such refund equitably.
G. If the Security Deposit is later increased by agreement of the Parties for any reason (such as the
installation of a satellite dish, a waterbed, or additional deposit for a pet), the additional security
deposit will be disbursed by Landlord in accordance with this paragraph at the end of the statutory
period following the end of Tenant(s)’s tenancy. Removal of the pet, satellite dish, waterbed, or
whatever caused the increase in the deposit, will not be grounds for early disbursement of the Security
7. SECURITY DEPOSIT AND FIRST MONTH’S RENT PAYMENT: Tenant acknowledges receipt of
RECEIPT AND HOLDING DEPOSIT AGREEMENT, addendum marketed Attachment 2. Tenant(s)
confirms the accuracy of the money amounts listed therein. Tenant(s) agrees to pay Security Deposit and
first month’s Rent (either in whole or prorated), at (or reasonably near) time of signing this Lease
8. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Tenant agrees to comply with all Landlord rules and regulations that are
at any time posted on the Premises or delivered to Tenant.
o If checked, Tenant has been provided with, and acknowledges receipt of, an additional, Property
specific, list of the Rules and Regulations Agreement addendum, labeled Attachment 4, and attached to
and incorporated into this Lease Agreement by reference.
9. WATERBEDS/LIQUID FURNITURE: No waterbed, water filled furniture, aquariums over 10 gallons,
or other water-filled furniture shall be kept on the premises without Landlord's written consent. In the
event Landlord’s prior consent is granted, an additional Security Deposit, in the amount of Landlord’s
discretion, will be added.
o None.
o Landlord grants Tenants permission to keep water-filled furniture on the premises. Attachment 5
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
Agreement regarding use of Waterbed/Liquid Furniture addendum is attached to and incorporated into
this Lease Agreement by reference.
10. ATTACHMENTS/ADDENDA: Tenant(s) acknowledges receipt of a copy of the attachments/addenda
listed and checked in this section, which are incorporated into and made part of this Lease. Tenant(s)
agrees to abide by said attachments/addenda in all respects. Any failure to comply with any of the
attachments shall be deemed a breach of this Lease.
11. RENT PAYMENT LATE CHARGES: Rent is due on the 1
day of each month and will be considered
late if not received by midnight on the 3
day of each month, except when that day falls on a weekend or
legal holiday, in which case rent is due on the next business day. The late charge shall be $25, plus $25 for
each additional day that the rent continues to be unpaid. The total late charge for any one month shall not
exceed $150. Landlord does not waive the right to insist on payment of the rent in full on the date it is due.
12. RETURNED CHECK AND OTHER BANK CHARGES: In the event any check offered by Tenant(s)
to Landlord in payment of rent or any other amount due under this Lease Agreement is returned for lack of
sufficient funds, a "stop payment" or any other reason, Tenants shall pay Landlord a returned check charge
in the amount of $75.
13. UTILITIES: Tenants shall be responsible for payment of all utility charges, except for the following,
which shall be paid by Landlord: __________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________________. With
respect to the utilities charges listed above to be paid by Landlord, Tenant(s) shall not make excessive or
unreasonable use of such utilities. If Tenant(s) does make excessive or unreasonable use of such utilities,
Landlord reserves the right to bill Tenant(s) for such excessive or unreasonable use and said billing shall
become due and payable, in full, as additional rent together with the regular monthly rental payment on the
first day of the month next following the date of such billing. Tenant(s) shall not use any utilities in the
common areas of the Property for their own personal use without written consent of Landlord.
o Tenants' gas or electric meter serves area(s) outside of their premises, and there are not separate gas
and electric meters for Tenant(s) unit and the area(s) outside their unit. Tenant(s) and Landlord agree
as follows: _________________________________________________________________________
14. LIMITS ON OCCUPANCY: Occupancy by guests for more than 10 Days in any six-month period is
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
prohibited without Landlord's written consent and shall be considered a breach of this Lease Agreement.
15. RESIDENTIAL USE OF PREMISES: Tenant(s) agrees that the Premises is rented for residential use
only and for no other purpose without Landlord's prior written consent. Tenant(s) shall not use the
Premises as a business address, nor shall Tenant(s) conduct business activities on the Premises.
Conducting business activities includes, without limitation, using the Premises as a mailing address for a
business enterprise, having a business telephone line in the Premises, having business clients meet with
Tenant(s) at the Premises, assembling or manufacturing any product upon the Premises, or otherwise
holding out the Premises as the address of any business. Tenant(s) may, however, insofar as it is consistent
with the restrictions set forth in this section, and with the written consent of Landlord, use a portion of the
Premises as a “home office”.
16. PROHIBITION OF ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING: Tenant(s) shall not sublet any part of the
premises or assign this Lease Agreement without the prior written consent of Landlord. Any attempted
subletting or assignment in violation of this provision shall be void and null. Any proposed assignee,
transferee, or sublessee shall submit to Landlord an application and credit information for Landlord’s
approval and, if approved, sign a separate written agreement with Landlord and Tenant. Landlord’s
consent to any one assignment, transfer or sublease, shall not be construed as consent to any subsequent
assignment, transfer or sublease and does not release Tenant of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease
17. ADDING A ROOMMATE: No roommate may be allowed to take up residence in the Premises without
prior written consent of the Landlord. Doing so without consent is in violation of this Lease Agreement.
If Landlord consent is granted, each Tenant is jointly and severally liable for the payment of rent and
performance of all other terms of this Lease Agreement.
18. JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY (CO-TENANT): If more than one Tenant (roommate, family
member, or other) enters into this Lease Agreement, either now at lease commencement, or in the future as
an addendum to this Lease Agreement, the obligations are joint and several; each such Tenant is
individually, as well as jointly, liable for full performance of all agreed terms and payment of all sums
required hereunder as long as any one of the Tenants remain in possession of the Premises. Any breach or
abandonment by any one or more of the Tenants shall not terminate the Lease Agreement nor shall it
relieve the remaining Tenant from fulfilling the terms of this Lease Agreement. Should one or more of the
Tenants terminate their residency apart and separately from other Tenant, no right to have another person
substituted in their stead shall exist. (a) Tenant(s) agree to inform Landlord if any Tenant, or residing
minor, vacates residency of the premises. (b) Written permission from Landlord must be granted before an
additional Tenant, or minor, may be added to this Lease Agreement in order to take up residency of the
19. MILITARY TRANSFER: If Tenant(s) is or becomes a member of the Armed Forces on extended active
duty, a member of the State National Guard serving on full-time duty, or a civil service technician with a
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
National Guard unit, and receives change-of-duty orders to depart from the local area for longer than 90
days, or is relieved from such duty, Tenant(s) may terminate this Lease by giving 30 days prior written
notice to Landlord, provided Tenant(s) is not otherwise in default. As a condition to such termination,
Tenant(s) will furnish Landlord with a certified copy of the official orders which warrant termination of
this Lease. Military orders authorizing base housing in the local area in which the Premises is located do
not constitute change-of-duty under this paragraph.
20. MAINTENANCE: Tenant(s) shall properly use, operate and safeguard Premises, including if applicable,
any landscaping, furniture, furnishings and appliances, and all mechanical, electrical, gas and plumbing
fixtures, and keep them and the Premises clean, sanitary and well ventilated. Tenant(s) shall be responsible
for checking and maintaining all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and any additional phone lines
beyond the one line and jack that Landlord shall provide and maintain. Tenant(s) shall immediately notify
Landlord, in writing, of any problem, malfunction or damage. Tenant(s) shall be charged for all repairs or
replacements caused by Tenant(s), pets, guests or licensees of Tenant(s), excluding ordinary wear and tear.
Tenant(s) shall be charged for all damage to Premises as a result of failure to report a problem in a timely
manner. Tenant(s) shall be charged for repair of drain blockages or stoppages, unless caused by defective
plumbing parts or tree roots invading sewer lines.
A. Landlord Tenant(s) shall water the garden, landscaping, trees and shrubs, except: ____________
B. Landlord Tenant(s) shall maintain the garden, landscaping, trees and shrubs, except: __________
C. Landlord Tenant(s) shall maintain: _________________________________________________
D. Tenant’s failure to maintain any item for which Tenant(s) is responsible shall give Landlord the right
to hire someone to perform such maintenance and charge Tenant(s) to cover the cost of such
E. The following items of personal property are included in the Premises without warranty and Landlord
will not maintain, repair or replace them during Residents’ tenancy. However, these items must stay on
the premises in the working, or otherwise, condition in which they were at the time of Tenant(s) move
in date. Removal or disposal of items is prohibited. Any such actions will warrant the Landlord to
make an estimate as to the fair market value of said items, and their cost for replacing will be deducted
from Tenant(s) security deposit: ________________________________________________________
21. CONDITION OF THE PREMISES: Tenant(s) agree to: (1) keep the premises clean and sanitary and in
good repair, and upon termination of the tenancy, to return the premises to Landlord in a condition
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
identical to that which existed when Tenant(s) took occupancy, except for ordinary wear and tear; (2)
immediately notify Landlord of any defects or dangerous conditions in and about the premises of which
they become aware; and (3) reimburse Landlord, on demand by Landlord, for the cost of any repairs to the
Premises damage by Tenant(s) or their guests or invitees through misuse or neglect.
A. Tenant(s) acknowledge that when Landlord and Tenant(s) meet at the premises to transfer possession
of the keys and property, on or before the agreed upon move in date, with the Landlord furnished
“move-in inspection checklist” in hand, both Landlord and Tenant will inspect the property, and make
note of any notable defects, problems, or issues. Furthermore, Tenant(s) acknowledges that they have 3
days (72 hours) to contact Landlord in order to make record of any additional issues in the premises the
Tenant(s) may of discovered.
A. Tenant shall receive the following prior to the move in date. Tenant shall make amenable efforts to
schedule a time with Landlord to meet at the Premises in order to transfer possession of the Premises,
keys, and remotes.
o ____ Key(s) to Premises
o ____ Key(s) to Mailbox
o ____ Key(s) to Pool
o ____ Key(s) to Common Areas
o ____ Remote(s) for Garage Door
o ____ Remote(s) for Security Gate
B. If Tenant(s) re-key existing locks or opening devices, Tenant(s) shall immediately deliver copies of all
keys to Landlord. Tenant(s) shall pay all costs and charges related to loss of any keys or opening
devices. Tenant(s) may not remove locks, even if installed by Tenant(s).
23. PETS: No pets, including but not limited to any animal, bird, fowl, reptile or amphibian, and no
aquariums in excess of 10 gallons (collectively referred to hereafter as “Pets”), are allowed on the
Premises without prior written consent of Landlord. Any such consent may be revoked at any time, with or
without cause, by giving a 30 Day written notice. Unless written permission has been given, pets may not
be brought upon the Premises, whether such pets belong to Tenant(s) or to any other person. The presence
of any pets as to which written permission has not been given and is not currently in force, even if such
pets are “just visiting,” shall be deemed a material and incurable breach of this Lease and shall be cause
for the service of a 3 day notice terminating the tenancy. This policy does not apply to accommodation or
service animals. A disabled individual who requires an animal in order to be able to use and enjoy the
Premises or the Property should contact Landlord, before bringing the animal onto the Premises, and
request an accommodation to this Lease provision. All accommodation requests will be processed in
accordance with applicable laws.
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
o None.
o ______________________________________________________, under the following conditions:
A. The Parties agree that upon advance reasonable notice of at least 24 hours to Tenant(s), and at least 48
hours notice to conduct an inspection of the premises, Landlord or Landlord's agents shall have the
right to enter the Premises during normal business hours of Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM
to 6:00 PM for the purpose of: (1) making desired, necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations,
improvements, or renovations to the Premises, to an adjacent unit or for the benefit of the building in
which the Premises is located; (2) supplying necessary or agreed services; (3) showing the unit to
prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workmen or contractors; or (4) for any other
purposes permitted by California Civil Code Section 1954 (and any other applicable statutes or
amendments which might be enacted subsequent to the execution of this Lease).
B. Tenant(s) also agrees that if Tenant(s) denies Landlord access to the Premises when Landlord is in
compliance with statutory requirements and entitled to access, any such denial of access shall be
deemed a material and incurable breach of this Lease and shall entitle Landlord to serve Tenant(s) with
a 3 Day Notice To Quit.
C. In the event of an emergency (such as a fire, plumbing leak, etc), or Tenant(s)’s abandonment or
surrender of the Premises, Landlord or its agents may enter the Premises at any time without consent or
prior notice.
D. With at least 48 hour notice, Tenant hereby grants Landlord, or Landlord agents, interior and exterior
access to the premises, for the purpose of Periodic Maintenance Inspections. Upon lease signing,
Tenant grants willful consent for the following periodic inspections. 3 months from Tenant(s)’s move-
in date, an interior and exterior inspection of the premises will be performed. After which, Landlord
will perform an interior inspection at 12 month intervals, and an exterior inspection at 6 month
intervals. If at anytime it appears Tenant(s) is not taking good care of the property, then Landlord
reserves the right to increase, both interior and exterior, inspection interval to every 3 months until
such time as the Premises upkeep is brought back up to an acceptable standard. If the minimum
standard of care for the property is not continually met, even after necessary written warnings, then a
subsequent 30 Day Notice will be given to the residing Tenant(s). Refusal of these terms, either now at
lease signing, or in the future during tenancy, is in direct violation of this Lease, and if currently
residing in the premises will result in a 3 Day Notice to Perform Covenant. Additionally, if these
terms are not agreeable to you at time of signing, then it is encouraged that you do not sign this Lease.
Tenant(s) will be given the option to be present for inspections, but do not have to be.
o Tenant does NOT wish to be present for periodic inspections. 48 hour notice will still be given, but
Landlord’s estimated time of arrival will not be given.
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
o Tenant WISHES to be present for periodic inspections. If Tenant(s) prefer to be present, then
Landlord will make every reasonable attempt to make it so, by giving Tenant(s) an agreed upon
expected window time of Landlord’s arrival. If Tenant(s) is a no-show during the window time,
then Landlord may enter without Tenant(s) presence.
25. SIGNS: Tenant authorizes Landlord to place FOR SALE/LEASE signs on the Premises.
A. Parking space(s) are to be used for parking properly licensed and operable motor vehicles. Parking
spaces are not to be used for trailers, boats, campers, buses or trucks (other than pick-up trucks).
Tenant(s) shall park in assigned space(s) only. Parking space(s) are to be kept clean. Vehicles leaking
oil, gas or other motor vehicle fluids shall not be parked on the Premises. Mechanical work or storage
of inoperable vehicles is not permitted in parking space(s) or elsewhere on the Premises.
B. Garages are primarily to be used for means of parking cars and storage. Garages are not to be used as
additional living, job related work, or frequent social gathering spaces.
C. Landlord shall not be liable for any damage or loss to motor vehicles of, or the contents of motor
vehicles of, Tenant(s) and/or Tenant(s)’s guests or invitees. Failure of Tenant(s) or Tenant(s)’s guests
or invitees to follow Rules and/or posted signs relating to parking and operation of vehicles may result
in the towing of the offending vehicle at the cost of the vehicle owner.
o Additional Property specific provisions regarding parking, garages, and Tenant(s) car(s) are: ________
27. EXTENDED ABSENCES BY TENANTS: Tenants agree to notify Landlord in the event that they will
be away from the premises for 10 consecutive days or more. During such absence, Landlord may enter the
premises at times reasonably necessary to maintain the property and inspect for damage and needed
shall be entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premises. Tenant(s) and their guests or invitees shall not use the
Premises or adjacent areas in such a way as to: (1) violate any law or ordinance, including laws prohibiting
the use, possession or sale of illegal drugs; (2) commit waste or nuisance; or (3) annoy, disturb,
inconvenience or interfere with the quiet enjoyment and peace and quiet of any other tenant or nearby
resident, including but not limited to having loud or late parties or playing loud music. Tenant(s) shall
ensure that their guests also comply with this provision. Violations constitute a breach of the Lease
Landlord Initials (_____)
Tenant(s) Initials (_____)(_____)(_____)(_____)!
29. CONDOMINIUM; PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT: The Premises is a unit in a condominium,
planned unit development, common interest subdivision, or other development governed by a homeowner
association (“HOA”). The name of the HOA is _______________________________________. Tenant(s)
agrees to comply with all HOA covenants, conditions and restrictions, bylaws, rules and regulations and
decisions ("HOA Rules"). Landlord shall provide Tenant(s) copies of HOA Rules, if any. Tenant(s) shall
reimburse Landlord for any fines or charges imposed by HOA or other authorities, due to any violation by
Tenant(s), or the guests or licensees of Tenant(s).
o Not Applicable (N/A).
o Landlord shall provide Tenant with a copy of the HOA Rules within _______ days, or _____________
o Tenant(s) has been provided with, and acknowledges receipt of, a copy of the HOA Rules.
30. REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS: Except as provided by law or as authorized by the prior written
consent of Landlord, (a) Tenant(s) shall not make any repairs or alterations or improvements in or about
the Premises including: painting, wallpapering, adding or changing locks, installing antenna or satellite
dish(es), placing signs, displays or exhibits, or using screws, fastening devices, large nails or adhesive
materials; (b) Landlord shall not be responsible for the costs of alterations or repairs made by Tenant(s);
(c) Tenant(s) shall not deduct from Rent the costs of any repairs, alterations or improvements; and (d) any
deduction made by Tenant(s) shall be considered unpaid Rent. (e) Tenant(s) shall not, without Landlord's
prior written consent, alter, re-key or install any locks to the premises or install or alter any burglar alarm
system. Tenant(s) shall provide Landlord with a key or keys capable of unlocking all such re-keyed or new
locks as well as instructions on how to disarm any altered or new burglar alarm system.
o None.
o Landlord and Tenants agree to the following: ______________________________________________
A. If Tenant(s) chooses to install an individual satellite dish at the Premises, it must be one meter
(approximately 3 feet, 3 inches). Tenant(s) may not install a satellite dish or antenna in any common
areas; drill holes through walls, roofs, railways or glass; or mount a satellite dish or antenna in a
manner that will cause more than ordinary wear and tear to the Premises.