Date ___________________
Dear Residence Manager, Landlord, or Agent,
We have received a rental application from ____________________________________________, currently
residing at ______________________________________________________________________, and they
have specified you and/or your company as a present or previous landlord. We would appreciate your
response to the following questions below at your earliest convenience. If you do not know the answer or it
does not apply, please leave it blank. If you have additional information that may help in our decision, please
feel free to add your comments or give us a call at ______________________________________________.
Yes No ..... Is the applicant (s) currently renting from you?
Yes No ..... If so, is the applicant current with all rental payments?
Yes No ..... Was the applicant ever late within the last 12 months?
If so, how many times? _____________________
Yes No ..... Has the applicant ever been more than thirty (30) days late with rent payments?
Yes No ..... Did the applicant have any pets?
If so, how many & what kind/size? ____________________________________________
Yes No ..... Have you had to give the applicant a notice at any time during the last 12 months?
If so, for what reason? ______________________________________________________
Yes No ..... Was there ever any trouble or damages?
If so, what kind? __________________________________________________________
Was the matter resolved quickly? _____________________________________________
Yes No ..... Has the resident completed their lease terms?
Yes No ..... If a current resident, has the applicant given notice to you that they will be moving?
Yes No ..... Was the applicant asked to vacate by you or one of your company representatives?
If so, why? _______________________________________________________________
Yes No ..... Did you or will you have to withhold part or all of the deposit because of damages?
Yes No ..... Is the applicant moving voluntarily?
Yes No ..... Would you rent to this applicant again?
Yes No ..... Does the applicant owe you any money?
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