During our relationship, [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE] will act as your liaison between the
daily operation of your property and its lessees.
Manager Obligations during our relationship will include:
Screen prospective renters to procure tenants.
Inspect your property when vacant/occupied and manage your tenants during occupancy.
Market the property.
List your property using the Multiple Listing System, classified advertising, electronic advertising,
signing, and affiliated business partner relationships.
Work diligently to keep your property leased by qualified and responsible tenants.
Sign lease agreements, extensions and other addendum relating to the leasing of your property.
Orchestrate utility services on your behalf.
Collect rent, deposits, and fees for your property.
Disperse funds held on your behalf to reimburse vendors for completed work.
Provide owner with a monthly operating statement, net rent proceeds, and copies of any applicable
invoices or documents.
Initiate legal forcible detainers, collection activities, and tenant notices for non-payment of rent or
lease violations.
Provide owner with a year-end financial recap, including a 1099 form for your Federal income taxes
At your request, serve as statutory/registered agent for out of state owners.
Owner Obligations during our relationship will include:
Meet all obligations to maintain services for the tenants’ full legal use of the property per California
Maintain a maintenance reserve fund of $300 to address property needs as necessary. When/If
depleted, this reserve will be automatically replenished from monthly rents.
Answer all management emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
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